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Include extended data such as company descriptions, sizes, and industries for an in-depth analysis of each profile.

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With Hyperscan, you're no longer limited by LinkedIn's search filters. Get any answers directly, without having to check each profile manually.

Highlight the best matches based on AI responses

Filter, sort, and rank profiles using the AI-generated answers to your questions.

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Review each profile and make your final selections directly in Hyperscan. Then, easily export your list in either CSV or XLSX format.

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  • We use a simple credit system - each scan costs 1-3 credits. You can buy packs of credits as you need them. Check out our pricing page for all the details. Upon registration, we provide you with 100 free credits to get started.

  • Hyperscan's AI analyzes profiles by using natural language processing to understand the information in each profile. It can answer yes/no questions about the profile, enrich the profile with additional company information, and even sort and rank profiles based on the answers. This allows for a more comprehensive and efficient analysis than manual review.

  • Hyperscan's AI provides accurate answers, though it's not perfect and depends on the clarity of the data it analyzes. The more specific and clear your questions, the more accurate the answers will be. We're constantly working to enhance accuracy and appreciate your feedback. You can flag any incorrect responses for our review and product improvement.

  • Hyperscan's AI doesn't make decisions - it provides processes written data to answer your questions. The final decisions on what to do with the profiles always rest with the human user. This approach helps us ensure that any potential AI bias doesn't influence the outcome.

  • With Hyperscan, you can ask up to 20 yes/no questions per scan about details found on LinkedIn profiles or the additional data provided by Hyperscan, such as job roles, company size, or industry. There are no restrictions on the number of profiles you can analyze; it's based on the credits you purchase. Remember that LinkedIn's own limits may apply to profile views. You're free to scan each profile multiple times, with each scan costing one credit, no matter the profile type or the number of questions asked.

  • Yes, Hyperscan only analyzes publicly available LinkedIn profiles. Therefore, any information not publicly shared on a profile will not be available for analysis.

  • Profile enrichment in Hyperscan includes additional details about a person's last 10 workplaces, such as company descriptions, company size, industry, and other relevant categories. This allows for a more comprehensive analysis of each profile.

  • Hyperscan complies with LinkedIn’s terms of service and GDPR by analyzing only publicly available profile information and does not store personal contact data. Hyperscan is designed as a tool to unlock LinkedIn's native capabilities, enhancing your ability to find and understand profiles. We're committed to maintaining the privacy of LinkedIn users and adhering to the platform's guidelines.

  • Hyperscan is designed to work with any version of LinkedIn. Whether you're using LinkedIn's free version, Premium, Sales Navigator, or Recruiter or Recruiter Lite, you can utilize Hyperscan's capabilities to enhance your profile analysis and search capabilities. For regular use, however, we advise purchasing access to one of LinkedIn's premium products as the most cost-effective option in combination with Hyperscan.

  • At the moment, Hyperscan doesn't directly integrate with ATSs or CRMs. However, you can easily export your results from Hyperscan (in .csv or .xlsx) and import them into your ATS or CRM manually. We're actively working on developing integrations, so stay tuned for updates!